Company Overview

CCT Laser Services, Inc. first opened for business in December 1984 in Santa Clara, California. Originally named Coherent Circuit Tuning, Inc., our original charter was to utilize pulsed nd:YAG laser technology to trim thick-film resistors on microcircuit substrates for the Hybrid Microelectronics Industry.

With Ground Zero at Silicon Valley, the meteoric ascent of wafer processing technology in the late 1980’s led to a demand for laser tuning services of SiCr / NiCr / TaN resistors on Ultra Thin Film (UTF) silicon and quartz wafers, which we saw as a natural fit for CCT to expand into the burgeoning semiconductor industry.

Since then, productivity improvements such as DPL lasers and galvo-based systems coupled with advanced laser circuitry modifications enable increased efficiencies and vastly improved cut quality and trim target stability on Thick Film, Thin Film and UTF circuits at much higher throughput rates.

Almost 32 years after our formation, CCT still uses our advanced Laser Trimming and Laser Micro-Machining expertise in many sectors of the Microelectronics, Semiconductor, RF-Microwave, Defense, High-Rel, Bio-Medical and Consumer Electronics industries. We also utilize advanced Laser Micro-Machining technology to cut Semiconductor links and traces, process solder dams on DBC, micro-machine patterns slots and holes into silicon, quartz, ceramic and specific non-hazardous metals where smaller geometries are required.

CCT is located in a 4,500 square foot facility in the heart of San Joaquin County, a short 45 minute drive from Silicon Valley and 3 major international airports. Many of our technical and administrative employees have been with our firm for more than 2 decades.

Mission Statement

To earn your loyalty with quality laser trimming and micromachining workmanship, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. Exceeding customer expectations with un-paralleled customer service is the CCT business philosophy shared by all members of our highly experienced CCT Laser Services staff. We would like to share with you the highlights of the CCT philosophy:

  • We treat all jobs like each was the only one.
  • We are committed to earning the trust and loyalty of every client, current or future.
  • We understand the importance of a quick and comprehensive response to a client’s request.
  • We believe that a "cando" attitude with vast experience and fundamental knowledge of laser processing will solve most seemingly impossible tasks.
  • We believe that making every effort to provide more than what is asked of us will increase the likelihood of future business.

Our many years of laser service experience combined with a response-oriented attitude makes our staff the very best in the business. Call us. Let us show you the CCT philosophy at work.


Itar Registered
Itar Registered

Trade Society Affiliations

IMAPS: Northern California Chapter Treasurer
 IMAPS: Northern California Chapter Treasurer