Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance System

  • Internal Quality Assurance System Parallels MIL-STD-883E.
  • ITAR Registered
  • ISO-9000 compliant with multiple customers.
  • CCT will adapt to your Standard of Workmanship or Quality Standard

Quality Statement

Quality is of paramount importance at CCT Laser Services, Inc. We realize that rework / re-processing due to a lapse in quality system adherence can result in critical time loss and expense that can impact our customers’ stringent quality standards and delivery schedules. CCT continuously strives to reduce defects with our comprehensive failure analysis system. Every customer order has a minimum acceptable quality level and when it isn’t met, we determine the root cause, implement immediate actions to contain current issue, and corrective actions to eliminate probability of recurrence. All non-conformances are well documented and periodically reviewed to ensure workmanship standards are representative of our customers’ expectations. The end product is a quality system that yields excellent results every time.

At CCT Laser Services, we take great pride in our industry wide reputation for top shelf Workmanship and Quality Control. This has resulted in our customers experiencing a quality unsurpassed by other vendors in their fractionalized supply chain.

Quality is built in through key process parameter controls, operator best practices training, and preventative maintenance of our high technology laser processing equipment. All phases of our services have comprehensive quality checks to ensure un-matched quality laser processing, the first time.

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