Shipping Information

If you are outside of the greater Silicon Valley area, we receive shipments daily from UPS and FedEx. They make regular daily deliveries and pick-ups at our facility.  We routinely ship nationally and internationally using the recommended carriers listed below. You can click on the icons below to make shipments through FedEx or UPS.



Packaging is very important, no matter how your shipment comes to us, your products for laser processing must be packaged properly! If not packaged correctly your valuable substrates wafers or electronic materials can be damaged in transit. We highly recommend the use of air bubble packing material and heavy wall cardboard shipping boxes and please mark all shipping containers with fragile stickers. Bubble pack is reusable and does not contaminate the wafer boxes, and consistent with CCT’s environmental policy we discourage the use of foam peanuts.

The appropriate documentation should always accompany every shipment. Purchase Order / Packing slip / Drawing with current revision identifying circuit/substrate/wafer count and processing to be done by CCT is essential for proper identification and check-in of material into our order system.