Thick Film Laser Resistor Trimming

Passive and Active Laser Trimming of:

  • Standard Thick Film resistors
  • Thermistors
  • Resistors printed on Dielectric over embedded conductors.
  • Resistors on LTCC, Al203, AlN, PCB substrate material

Functional / Active laser trim & test: We will work with your engineering staff to develop custom applications software, support circuitry / hardware and an optimized process for Functional / Active Laser Trimming & Test.

Ratio-Match and absolute Post-trim tolerances of: +/-0.01% possible, resistor material and design dependent.

Highest verified trim nominal value: = 500 Mega-ohm +/-5%, higher with custom fixturing.

Lowest verified trim nominal value: = 5 milli-ohm +/-5%

Active guarding for closed-loop resistor trimming

Custom applications software written in-house

Permanent probe cards assembled in-house

Thickfilm spotsize: = 20 to 50 um

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